Friday, September 30, 2011

Paper pretties...

Have you checked out Rifle Paper Co.?

Oh, you haven't? 

Oh, you must.  Simply must.

I saw these the other day and had to check out their website.
I know...a notepad that fab is tough to write on.

 Wouldn't those look amazing with Natalie Jones on them? 
Yeah, I thought so too.

Check these out...

I know, right!?

 Does it get any more lovely?

How about this for a kid's room?
Oh, did you see the personalized notecards with an illistration that looks like you! 
Totally presh...

Oh, and of course, what any great company should have...
Pretty adorable! 
Well, you don't have to leave right now. 
I can keep reading and check them out in a minute.
Oh, alright...whatever. 
Go, go ahead...
Happy Weekend!!

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