Thursday, June 9, 2011

The writing on the wall (Part II)...

The idea of a full chalkboard wall for only 2 adults and 4 dogs in a house seamed to be a bit much, so Josh and I decided to go with a somewhat smaller version for our back entryway/mudroom. 

Josh and I started with a pre-cut flat sheet of plywood from Home Depot (approx $10.00). It was a little big so Josh trimmed it down for me to the perfect size of 3 1/2ft. by 2 1/2ft.

They now make chalkboard paint in all sorts of colors and with a variety of application methods.  We spray painted our plywood using Rust-oleum's Chalk Board spray paint in black. Josh also bought Rust-oleum's Chalk Board Tint Base in green to try out on a separate board for his bible study group.

 We picked all of our supplies up at Home Depot.  If green or black aren't what you are looking for there are a number of DIY tutorials online to create any color imaginable.

Josh's bible study board

Circular ridge trim from Home Depot

After painting our boards, Josh trimmed down a long piece of trim that I bought at Home Depot for approx $15.00.  I painted the trim with high-gloss Red Delicious Glidden paint.  We used small nails and wood glue to attach the trim around the piece.  Josh added two brackets to the back to make it easy to hang.  I had him put one on the long vertical back and one at the top of the chalkboard so that I could hang it horizontally or vertically.   Easy, cheesy...for about $30-$35.00.

Ta-da!  Our message center/reminder board/love note spot...

That's a little message to all of you that keep reading, supporting, and loving me. 

My cup runneth over!



  1. It looks great! I have been wanting to paint a chalkboard section onto our pantry door for a while now. I think you have inspired me how fun it can be! - Katie K

  2. Ya'll did an awesome job love the delicious red! -CK