Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's party!

Hello, April!  I can't believe you are here.  Really.  Please go slow!

With the calendar pages quickly turning, I have to face that wedding season is about to begin.  I know this based upon the stack of invitations that continues to grow on our kitchen counter. 

This time of year has me thinking about the perfect dresses, shoes, and accessories to wear to each event...and the anticipation of what will make each event unique and special.  I love how everyone wants their event to be set apart, to be memorable, and to be an expression of who they really are.  This is what I wanted and tried so hard to achieve. 

One of the fun ways that I keep seeing couples express themselves is with food...yummy, delicious, unforgettable food! 

Check out these inspiration bites, if you will...

 via greige

I don't know about you, but I am ready to EAT!  I mean...PARTY!



  1. Love this post, Nat! What amazing food.. mini pop tarts on a stick? What will they think of next?
    - Mere

  2. Those fruit kabobs are so pretty! Why have I never thought of that before?