Thursday, December 9, 2010

Staying warm...


Ohhhh,'ve been quite the mess!  
Deadlines, appointments, and medical tests!
If you could please just slow down and allow us to pause,
we want to celebrate the baby Jesus and Mr. Claus.
We've put up our tree and wrapped it with lights,
it's warmed our hearts and made our house bright.
I haven't bought presents, really haven't started the list...
I've got to get going so that no one is missed.
Please stop rushing, December.  You're important to me.
I want to celebrate you fully before it's January!

Beautiful Wild (but can't find the link)

Crafty Doula via Tiny White Daisies

Jessica Lynne Arts

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  1. I love this one!! your so precious, this blog gave me the biggest smile! especially the way you finished it. Love you girl cant wait to see you this weekend. XOXO with an extra XO