Monday, October 4, 2010


Happy Monday!

Bow hunting season opened this weekend here in South Texas. Most of the men that I know were out in a blind or tree stand with their best buddies. They've waited for this day for almost a year...practicing for hours ahead of time to be at the top of their game and counting the minutes until daylight hit and they could spend the time that they so desperately crave in touch with nature and the animals, looking for a prize...a true trophy to take home.

I too was there eagerly awaiting the opportunity to hunt. Craving to go with my best girlfriends into the wild to scour the land for a prize...a trophy...something to hold in my hands and feel the sense of accomplishment and success for my hard work, practice and dedication.

That's right...I just returned from my first hunting adventure to the Marburger Farms Antiques Fair outside of Round Top, Texas with two of my best girlfriends.

Our long hours of practice paid off. Our perseverance through the sun, wind, and dust proved to be worth it. The elements were against us, but we were stronger.

A trophy was harvested (actually a few were taken).

There are 3 words to sum up our expedition: Fab! U! Lous!

Fabulous and so much fun!

Here's a sneak peak of our hunt...

Our pre-hunt meal on Friday night before leaving for Round Top on Saturday.
Mexican vanilla and strawberry cupcakes from Delish!

Meredith and I early in the hunt at Marburger Farms.

One of my trophies...old seltzer bottles!

Unbelievable trophy....1920's fashion print featuring women hunters!
This one might end up in the record books.

More to come on our adventure.

I must rest.

My body is weary from the exertion. Thank goodness this only comes twice a year.

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  1. Love it! I had so much fun with you ladies. I will bring more money to spend next time :-)
    - Mere